The team

We play Ultimate at Cal because we enjoy the sport, the friends, and the stories. We have a team that's a blast to play for, both because it is competitive (finished 2nd in the country in 2004 and 5th in 2010), and because of the great guys who make up the program. Whether you're a potential player, a fan, or just want to learn more, please feel free to look around and get in touch with us.

The sport

Ultimate is a sport that combines running, jumping, and coordination, as opposing teams attempt to move the disc upfield and score in endzones by passing among teammates. Ultimate is played on a football-sized field with each team fielding seven players at a time. Just like other team sports, there is extensive strategy, training, and teamwork behind a competitive ultimate game.

For more details on ultimate, check out Ultimate in 10 Simple Rules, or take the time to read through the official rules.

The season

The fall preseason is spent recruiting new players and developing skills in preparation for the spring season. We'll hold weekly practices and attend several tournaments, where rookies will play alongside returners and gain valuable experience for the spring season. Also, tryouts for UGMO (the A-Team) will be held and an official roster will be determined by the end of the fall.

During the official college ultimate season in the spring, the team will split into UGMO (the A-Team) and Thugmo. There are no cuts for Thugmo and anyone willing to show up to practices is invited.

Our Travels

Each year, UGMO travels to tournaments across the country, competing against the best teams in college ultimate.

In past years, Cal has sent teams to fall tournaments in Santa Cruz, Humboldt, Sonoma, Santa Clara, and Chico. In the spring, Cal traditionally attends the Santa Barbara Invite, President's Day in San Diego, the Stanford Invite, Centex in Austin, and the Southwest region's college playoff series.