# Name Year   # Name Year   Coaches
00 Wesley Stratton Freshman   17 Kyle Parry Junior   Alexander Ghesquiere
1 Brian Garcia* Senior   18 Elliot Schatmeier Sophomore   Ryo Kawaoka
2 Basil Fraysse Sophomore   19 Stephen Keller Sophomore   * Denotes captain
7 Bryan Olney Sophomore   23 Chris Eggers Senior    
8 Seth Burleigh Senior   24 Dan Gillick Grad    
10 Nat Kinsky* Grad   25 Ying Wu Grad    
11 Choongil Fleischman Sophomore   26 Lev Malevanchik Junior    
12 Scott McLaughlin Sophomore   31 Anton Favorini-Csorba Sophomore    
13 Alec Berg Junior   33 Ben Ewing Freshman    
14 Kris Thomson Freshman   42 Stephen Pepe Grad    
15 John McLaughlin Sophomore      



Overall Record: 26-16

Santa Barbara Invitational
UGMO 13 UCLA 7 (Pool Play)
UGMO 13 Duke 6
UGMO 10 Humboldt State 13 (Pre-Quarters)
UGMO 15 UC Davis 8
UGMO 14 Claremont 8
UGMO 15 Duke 11 (B Bracket Finals)

Write Up

UGMO came into the Santa Barbara Invite looking to jump start its Spring 2006 season with a bang. Despite injuries to some key players and Dan Gillick having to miss the trip, everyone came in fired up, and UGMO easily defeated our first two opponents in pool play - UCLA and Duke. The next game was against the Black Tide of Santa Barbara. The two teams pretty much traded points but Santa Barbara got a break right before half to take it 7-6. After half time, both teams continued to trade points but Santa Barbara pulled away towards the end of the game to win it 13-9. After a bye, UGMO played its crossover game against Humboldt State. With UGMO coming out flat, Humboldt took an early advantage and despite a furious comeback at the end of the game, UGMO lost 13-10. This sent us to the B bracket.

On Sunday, UGMO played furiously, disappointed at the result of the last game on Saturday. Through a bit of wind, UGMO handily defeated all three opponents on Sunday - Davis, Claremont, and Duke - to take the B bracket championship. Notable performances from the weekend were the solid play of our vets Boo, Nat, Stryder, and Chreggers and the stellar UGMO debut from rookies Chester, Choon, Wes, and Mateo. Next up in 2 weeks is the Trouble in Vegas tournament which, with its 32 team bracket and top-tiered teams, should be a showcase for UGMO's potential and ability.

- Lev Malevanchik - 1/30/06

Trouble In Vegas
UGMO 9 Kansas 13 (day 1)
UGMO W Humboldt State L (forfeit)
UGMO 12 Harvard 11
UGMO 10 Texas 13
UGMO 7 Michigan State 13 (day 2)
UGMO 9 George Washington 10
UGMO 11 Dartmouth 10
UGMO 10 Ohio State 8
UGMO 11 Harvard 12 (day 3)
UGMO 13 Claremont 5

Stanford Invite
UGMO 9 Carleton 15
UGMO 15 Chico State 7
UGMO 9 Stanford 10 (prequarter)
UGMO 8 Brown 9 (day 2)

Davis Ultimate Invite
UGMO W Davis B L
UGMO W Fresno St. L
UGMO 15 Sonoma 0
UGMO 15 Davis Alumni 5
UGMO 14 LPC 15

Bay Area Sectionals
UGMO 13 Santa Clara 4
UGMO 13 Santa Cruz B 0
UGMO 13 Santa Cruz 8
UGMO 13 Davis 5
UGMO 12 Stanford 15 (finals)
UGMO 15 LPC 10 (backdoor finals)

Write Up

UGMO came into the Bay Area Sectionals tournament as the second seed in the Bay and ended up the second seed. UGMO tore through pool play giving up an average of about 4 goals per game to the opposition. It seemed that UGMO had finally reached its potential and both the rookies and the veterans were gelling together.

On Sunday morning, UGMO steamrolled through semifinals beating a worthy LPC opponent 15 to 4, a team whom they had lost to in the DUI finals a week before. After LPC came finals against national powerhouse Stanford University. UGMO got the early break to go to 4-2 but Stanford came back and took halftime 8 to 6. UGMO never fully recovered from this Stanford run and despite a late comeback lost to Stanford 15 to 12. After this finals game, UGMO beat LPC again for 2nd place in the bay area. UGMO looks to be a top 5 seed at regionals this year and with two bids available for Nationals are hoping to punch a ticket to Columbus, Ohio for the end of May. lost to last week.

- Lev Malevanchik - 4/23/06

Northwest Regionals
UGMO 15 Chico State 9
UGMO 11 Washington 12
UGMO 4 Western Washington 15
UGMO 15 HUmboldt State 11
UGMO 15 UC Santa Cruz 14
UGMO 16 Western Washington 14
UGMO 8 British Columbia 15

Write Up

UGMO came into the Northwest Regionals tournament as the fifth seed in the region and ended up finishing fourth. Unfortunately, after a hard-fought victory against Western Washington on Sunday morning, UGMO could not find the energy to defeat a very strong UBC team. The loss to UBC ended UGMO's season.

UGMO finished 2006 ranked 21st in the country by the UPA. Although we lose many key contributers, including captains Boo and Nat, we will come back strong in 2007 with 13 A-team returners.

UGMO You Know!

- Lev Malevanchik - 5/23/06