Chris Lung | #22

Senior studying Materials Science and Engineering from Sherman Oaks, CA

If you’ve ever said “WOW” or “HOLY MOLY” while watching UGMO, you were probably talking about Chris Lung. Hammers, Scoobers, Full-Field Hucks, or Left-Handed anything are just a few of the throws in Chris Lung’s arsenal. If you’re marking him this year, good luck. We can’t wait to see what Chris (and his hair) will do in his senior season!

Donovan (Donny) Mierlak | #28

Freshman studying Molecular Environmental Biology from Montclair, NJ

Evan Magsig | #32

Sophomore studying Data Science from Norman, OK

Glenn Wysen | #11

Junior studying CS and Astro from Seattttttle, WA

Shhhhhh!!! Don’t wake him up, we finally put him down for the night.

Jace Bruner | #15

Junior studying EECS and minoring in Environmental Econ and Public Policy from San Anselmo, CA

With his gravity-defying layouts, light-speed cuts and starry smile, it’s the one and only “Space” Jace Bruner! When he wasn’t making huge plays for UGMO last season, he was always down to entertain the team with his slick dance moves, cute monkey antics or by beating Ryan in Smash. We can’t wait to see what Jace does as captain this year because whatever it is, it’ll be big!

Jake McCurdy | #18

Junior studying Molecular Environmenal Biology from South Pasadena, CA

Janssen (Chicken Rice) Tan | #42

Junior studying EECS from Singapore

Jules (Yak) Fogarty | #7

Junior studying Econ from Orinda, CA

Kushal Khangaonkar | #6

Freshman studying EECS from Seattle, WA

Liam (Tuna) Kreiss | #59

Senior studying EECS and minoring in Education from Seattle, WA

Alas, within the hour we had been shipwrecked, awash on a deserted island in the middle of the Pacific with no food, no water, no hope, and, most importantly, no answer. As we lay there baking in the heat of the sun, someone came to me in a vision, a man who proclaimed, “Behold! I hold the secret to layout D’s and Fundamental Defense!” And for days on days, we talked about positioning, defensive schemes and translating safety help over the top from football to ultimate, until he said, patting me on the shoulder, “It’s time to go make a name for yourself.”

Mason Chupka | #3

Senior studying Political Economy and minoring in Theater and Performance Studies from Davis, CA

Max (Captain Crunch) Williams | #87

Sophomore studying Environmental Science from Castro Valley, CA

Open your eyes and your hearts for one of our two new captains this season, sophomore Max Williams! Despite only playing frisbee for the first time last year, Max was a force on our D-line, where his long arms and quick feet made him one of the toughest marks in the Southwest. And when they got the turn...let me tell you, he got BIG. Don’t believe me? Check out our Nationals highlight reel. You’ll know it when you see it.

Munis (Guppy) Thahir | #12

Junior studying Nuclear Engineeting and minoring in EECS from Chantilly, VA

After being elected Captain for the 2018/2019 season, Guppy stepped up in a big way both on and off the field. He’s a lock every tournament to lose his voice delivering his famous pregame speeches AND to sky your biggest dude. Catch him in the end zone this year still trying to figure out how to kickspike. You’ll get it one day Gup!

Nate (Bucket) Burrill | #88

Sophomore studying Pure Math from Redwood City, CA

Ryan (Luigi Up Special) Lee | #61

Junior studying Computer Science from Sunnyvale, CA

Crowned the best smash ultimate player on UGMO with his main Luigi, Ryan gets his nickname of "Luigi Up Special" from his signature combo, Grab>DThrow>Dair>Nair>Dair>Zair>UpSpecial. Also he made this site so if there are any issues or bugs complain to him ayy lmao.

Tommy Lin | #25

Senior studying Molecular & Cell Biology and minoring in Data Science from Sammamish, WA

No special introduction needed for this bio. He’s been around for 4 years, and lucky for us, he’s coming back to UGMO for a 5th year! Tommy Lin had a terrific season last year, catching 3 crucial Universe points against Colorado State (see celebration above), Stanford and Air Force!

Trevor (Dingo) Aquino | #9

Junior studying EECS from San Jose, CA

Vincent Su | #23

Grad student studying Physics from Bellaire, TX

Winston Tran | #2

Senior studying Political Science and minoring in Public Policy and Data Science from Davis, CA

Xavier (X) Sol Banson | #27

Freshman studying Cognitive Science (Premed Track) and minoring in Chemistry from Hong Kong/Connecticut