Name       Coaches
Alec Berg*   Lev Malevanchik   Alexander Ghesquiere
Elliot Schatmeier*   John McLaughlin   Ryo Kawaoka
Charles Denby   Scott McLaughlin   * Denotes captain
Joey Durkin   Clay Miller    
Ben Ewing   Bryan Olney    
Anton Favorini-Csorba   Sergio Rudin    
Choongil Fleischman   Joel Schlachet    
Erec Hillis   AJ Shankar    
Max Jacobs   Wesley Stratton    
Stephen Keller   Kris Thompson    
Dylan Kluck   Rob Tipton    


Season Summary

UGMO started the season as a young team, as over a third of its players were freshmen or ex-Thugs, and only a couple of players had more than two years of college Ultimate experience. The season had its ups and downs (most notably a 5th place finish out of 64 teams at Trouble in Vegas), and the team hit the College series in fine form.
After a stirring upset victory over Santa Cruz, UGMO finished second in the Bay Area section, and was seeded 3rd in the Northwest region.

Cal won all of its pool play games at Regionals, and then lost a hard-fought game to Oregon, 15-12, in the semifinals. UGMO bowed out the next day after losing to UBC at an epic double game point, 13-12. UGMO finished the season ranked 27th out of 458 teams in the country.